Resources for Navigating Qualitative Research in I-O Psychology

These resources originated from a panel discussion (Publishing Qualitative Research in I-O Psychology) that Verónica Caridad Rabelo and Gloria González-Morales co-chaired at the 33rd Annual SIOP Conference (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) in Chicago, IL. Over 75 people attended the panel, suggesting the need for a more visible and cohesive community of I-O psychologists interested in qualitative work.

To build on this momentum, we (Verónica + Gloria) have compiled 3 resources for our growing #SIOPqual community:

Slide deck from our SIOP panel featuring advice from Tine Köhler, Sylvia Bonaccio, and Joe Allen about best practices for conducting, publishing, and reviewing qualitative research in I-O.

Resource Guide for Navigating Qualitative Research in I-O. Initially created + curated by the #SIOP18 #SIOPqual co-chairs + panelists (Rabelo, González-Morales, Köhler, Bonaccio, Allen), this bibliography is an open-access document to which anyone can contribute.

Membership Directory. It can be challenging to connect with I-O psychologists and practitioners interested in qualitative research. If you are interested in joining our online directory, you can complete this Google Form, which will feed into a publicly viewable Google Spreadsheet. Our hope is that we (and others) can use this directory to identify I-O psychologists who are interested in qualitative research, whether as novices, advisors / mentors, collaborators, reviewers / editors, and/or consultants. 

Please share these resources far + wide. We hope these resources help with #SIOPqual research, wherever you may be in your journey. Let's stay in touch and continue strategizing ways to improve how we conduct, review, and communicate our qualitative I-O research.