At the University of Michigan, I was a member of three research labs:

Research in the Gender and Respect in Organizations lab (PI: Lilia M. Cortina, PhD) addresses gender and (dis)respect in organizations, with a special focus on personal and professional outcomes of the targeted individual.

The Mindfulness, Loving Kindness, and Intersectionality lab (PI: Ram Mahalingam, PhD) examines resilience in a way that is sensitive to issues of power, social marginality, and compassion with the goal of enhancing positive attitudes towards others, compassion towards the self and others, and positive career trajectories.

Through CompassionLab (PI: Jane Dutton, PhD), we view organizations as sites for the expression (and depletion) of compassion.

I am actively working with the following collaborators:

  • Reut Livne-Tarandach and Emily Plews, University of Oregon
  • Courtney McCluney, University of Virginia
  • Emily Vargas, University of Michigan
  • Lisa Marchiondo, University of New Mexico
  • Emily Leskinen, Carthage College